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Our story begins with our founder Sandra Juárez de Témaj, her husband Cesar Témaj, and a program called Proyecto Girasol. This program was for people struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol. It was a place where they could stay at for rehabilitation. Sandra and Cesar first became involved by supporting the program with food and supplies. From there they continued to develop a relationship with program's participants and workers. This was the first time Sandra works with those who struggled with addiction.

Shortly thereafter, the previous director left the program. As a result, each of the participants had to leave the program house and return to their own. Sandra continued to work with them, meeting once a week in her clinic. The program participants would do well in the meetings, but once they left they returned to their same issues. It quickly became apparent that the program participants needed to stay somewhere with supervision if they were going to make real progress in their rehabilitation.

In response to this need Sandra and Cesar started a new project. They rented a house for the project so that people who suffered from addiction had a place to go to complete their rehabilitation. Here Sandra and her team offered several different therapies as part of the rehabilitation program. Since the program was requested by and made for its participants, Sandra let them choose the project's name. The name they decided on was Proyecto Salvación.

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