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From "Proyecto" to "Fundación"

Proyecto Salvación continued for two years and was able to provide help for many members of the community struggling with addiction. It was around this time that Sandra and Cesar were made aware of a public works warehouse that had been abandoned. They both knew that if the government would let them use this space it would save a significant amount of resources. So they began a petition for the warehouse. It was a lot of paperwork, but the government decided to let Sandra and Cesar use the warehouse under several conditions. The biggest and most important condition was that the space be used for children of the state. Though it was not exactly what they had set out to do, Sandra and Cesar decided to accept the government's conditions and use the warehouse to take care of the children. As such, Proyecto Salvación was expanded to the include the care of children.

For obvious reasons, Sandra and Cesar decided to maintain the house for those struggling with addiction separate from where the children were going to live. They did their best to maintain both projects going, but unfortunately it was more than one person could handle. Sandra had to face a difficult decision. It was with heavy heart that she decided to close the house for those struggling with addiction and continue her work with the children.

Part of the difficulty with the new project for the children was that the warehouse was in disrepair. It was going to be a lot of work to turn this public works warehouse into a place suitable for children to live in, so Sandra and Cesar sought out help from the community. One of the suggestions they received was to take the project and formalize it as a foundation. As a result, Fundación Salvación was created.

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