General information:

Over the past 19 years, we have had volunteers from all over the world join the Fundacion Salvacion family. Volunteers join us here on our campus for any time between 2 weeks and 2 months and are expected to help in a variety of ways.

To contact us and  find out more information about volunteering with us:


How does it work?

Anyone interested in volunteering must contact us by sending an email to the email addresses listed above. In the email, they should include their resume and proposed dates of their stay here, as well as any projects or activities they may want to do during their stay.

After that initial email, potential volunteers will be asked to fill out an application and agree to our volunteer guidelines.

If the volunteer is accepted, it is time for them to purchase a plane ticket!

Volunteers then make their way to La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City. After going through customs and leaving the airport, volunteers can  take a taxi to the bus station “Los Halcones,” where a bus will take them to Huehuetenango, the town where the Fundacion is located. Once in Huehuetenango, volunteers can take a short taxi ride to Fundacion Salvacion and begin their time with all of us here at the Fundacion!



Volunteers are asked to pay a weekly fee of Q300 ($40 USD) to cover their living expenses during their time here at Fundación Salvación.


On our campus, we have a small apartment reserved for volunteers. Volunteer housing includes a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

The volunteer area is shared and maintained by our volunteers. All volunteers are welcome to eat meals with the children, but equally welcome to cook meals together in the volunteer kitchen.

*If you prefer not to utilize Fundacion Salvacion’s volunteer quarters, please let us know
and we can assist you in finding other arrangements close by.


Each volunteer comes to Fundacion Salvacion with a different background and set of skills. Often times, those skills can be used to start a new project or activity here with our kids.

Our home also has many daily needs that volunteers can help with, such as:

Cooking: Preparing meals for over 100 people isn’t a small task. Our cooks love help in the kitchen and our volunteers enjoy preparing and serving meals to the kids while learning or practicing their Spanish.

Tutoring: Many of our children go to a  school and need extra time practicing their English. For our Spanish speaking volunteers, most of the children also need help in other school subjects such as math.

Painting: Many years have passed since most of the children’s rooms have been painted. Volunteers have started to help make our home look new again, and we are excited to have every room re-painted!

In addition to these project needs, we are also always looking for medical and educational professionals to come bless our home.  We have several children with special needs in our Fundacion Salvacion family that could use extra help in areas such as physical therapy, speech therapy, and practice reading and writing.



*Rules and regulations will be listed on the volunteer’s application attached.

Volunteer Application- English            Aplicación de Voluntarios – Español


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